Leading in a Small Regional Community

28 April, 2016 Matt Vaux – GCLP16
Matt Vaux is a current Gippsland Community Leadership Program participant. As the youngest participant in the program Matt shares his story of being a young leader living and working in Rosedale, a small regional town in Gippsland, Victoria. Read more

Stepping up as a Community Leader 

23 May, 2016 Louise Hodgetts – NML16
Well, here we are almost into June. How fast has this year is going. I’m nearly half way through the Northern Mallee Leaders (NML) program and my leadership journey, and already I feel like I have learnt so much. I’ve been given amazing opportunities and met people I can now call friends. Read more

The Many Colours of Leadership

27 May, 2016 Kat Baddeley – CEO VRCLP

In this months blog I’m reflecting on colours and how different colours evoke certain feelings and how they can be attributed to many aspects of leadership. What leadership behaviours and feelings do the colours Red, Blue, Green and Gold evoke? Read more

How to be an Influential Leader

Kat Baddeley – CEO VRCLP
When you run or manage a business, it’s important you know how to inspire your team properly so that you can achieve greater success and profitability. Inability to effectively influence others will make it difficult to maintain the productivity of your business. Read more.

Passionate, Connected, Committed Leaders Transforming Communities – Graduates Reflections

30 May, 2016 Simon Crase and Carolyn Sammon – AVCLP15-16
Our CEO had the pleasure of attending the recent Alpine Valleys Community Leadership Program Graduation (AVCLP) held in Wangaratta. The night was well attended and we had the pleasure of listening to Craig Lapsley – Victoria’s Emergency Management Commissioner. But the night belonged to this year’s graduates and in particular to Simon and Carolyn who provided wonderful insights into their year through the graduating speeches. Read more.

Regional Leadership Summit – 16-17 August 2016

It is our great pleasure to invite you to the
VRCLP 2016 Regional Leadership Summit
We kick off on the evening of the 16th August with an Elegant Welcome.
The summit will open at 8:00am for a 9:00 am start on Wednesday 17th August.
Under the theme “Innovative, Collaborative, Responsive COMMUNITIES” VRCLP16 brings together some of the top leaders and practitioners from across Australia, each of them ready to share their thinking, their plans and their knowledge with us. Read more

Interview – Nigel Collin, Regional Leadership Summit

5 August, 2016 Kat Baddeley – CEO VRCLP
I recently had the pleasure of interviewing Nigel, author “Game of Inches” and keynote speaker for our upcoming Regional Leadership Summit. here’s what he had to say. Read more

Regional Challenges Investigated

20 August, 2016 Andres Lompes – 
Communications and Public Engagement Manager, Parliament of Victoria
A new public inquiry has been launched into the challenges facing rural and regional councils.
Budgetary pressures, infrastructure needs and rates policies are the key issues being investigated. The Victorian Parliament’s Environment, Natural Resources and Regional Development Committee has called for public submissions by 12 September. Read more

VRCLP Regional Leadership Summit Thank You

25 August,2016 Kat Baddeley – CEO VRCLP

After months of planning and organising it was with a very nervous step I approached the podium to welcome everyone to our Regional Leadership Summit. I was heartened by the already active buzz in the room as we commenced the Elegant Welcome hosted by Lauren Andrews, Bendigo and Adelaide Bank. The delegates certainly made Lauren’s job as our networking MC easy, at times it was difficult to stop the chatter, which was a great sign of things to come. Read more






Leadership Development

Unparalleled Experience – Fairley Leadership (Goulburn Murray) Program

16 September, 2016 – Amanda-Jean White FF16 and Denis Tricks Scholarship recipient
The last 8 months of the Fairley Leadership journey have been the most memorable moments of my life. Not only has the program provided benefits from a professional and personal perspective, but the program has exceeded my expectations in terms of the variety of speakers encountered, field trips experienced, sharing personal stories and the depth of skills/knowledge drawn from the broader issues experienced by the Greater Shepparton area. Read More

Stories Aren’t Just for Bedtime 

20 September, 2016 – Nishtha Goel, RRCLP16

I am Nishtha Goel, participant in the 2016 Rivers and Ranges Community Leadership Program. I started the program in February and it has been an amazing journey. We were taught the importance of Storytelling in one of early program days, which has stuck with me.

On 13th September 2016, we had the Victorian Regional Community Leadership Programs (VRCLP) combined program day which was attended by around 150 participants. Read More

Give a DOLLAR help a SCHOLAR

2 September, 2016 – Amanda-Jean White – Denis Tricks Young Regional Leader Scholar, FF16

Would you like to assist emerging leaders to be connected to the people that lead our communities across rural and regional Victoria?

Being one of the lucky recipients of the Denis Tricks Young Regional Community Leader Scholarship offered through the Victorian Regional Community Leadership Programs has allowed me to achieve all of the above because of the generous donations by readers like you! Read more

How a Scholarship has Changed my Life

Andrew Cameron, 24 August 2016 – LGSC16 

Being awarded the Denis Tricks Young Regional Leader Scholarship has changed my life.  Without it taking part in a fantastic program such as the Leadership Great South Program was something I never saw myself being a part of at just 24. Read more

Crowdfunding Campaign – Help Support a Young Regional Leader to Participate in Our Programs 

Matt Vaux – Denis Tricks Scholarship Recpient, GCLP16
We are dipping our toes into a crowdfunding campaign, please pledge your support today to enable a young person to participate in one of our programs during 2017. The Denis Tricks Young Regional Community Leader Scholarship was established in 2015 for a young person aged between 21-30 who is able to demonstrate leadership potential to participate in an experiential learning program.Read More

Parliament in Practice for Regional Leaders

18 September, 2016 Andres Lompes – 
Communications and Public Engagement Manager, Parliament of Victoria

Visits to Victoria’s Parliament by regional community leaders can now include parliament in practice sessions that help to give insights into the procedures and processes of parliament.

In September, Leadership Great South Coast and Rivers and Ranges Community Leadership Program included these sessions into their field visits to Parliament House. Read More

Leadership Great South Coast’s City Adventure

20 September, 2016 – Emma Dart, LGSC16

I return inspired yet weary following three action-packed days with 17 of my favourite people, when Leadership Great South Coast participants stormed Melbourne on a recent study tour. What a trip! 
We began by joining participants from seven of the VRCLP member cohorts for a combined program day of presentations and networking.Read More


Parliamentary Inquiries Speak to Regional Victoria

14 October, 2016 – Victorian Parliament
Victorian parliamentary committees are conducting public hearings and community forums in various locations in regional Victoria over the coming month.
A comprehensive inquiry into the retirement housing sector in Victoria is being conducted by the Legal and Social Issues Committee, which has received more than 760 submissions. Public hearings have been held in Melbourne and Mornington, and the Committee will be in Ballarat on 19 October to hear from residents of retirement villages, the City of Ballarat and a retirement housing operator. Read more


Looking After Oneself – Time for Reflection

27 April, 2016 Kat Baddeley – CEO VRCLP
Our CEO, Kat Baddeley tells a personal reflection and re-energising story on key deliverables VRCLP have achieved so far in 2016, how she is practicing mindfulness and what she is reading. Read more

What’s in a Value Proposition?

7 October, 2016 – Kat Baddeley CEO VRCLP

We’ve all heard the adage of having to describe what it is you do in a five-minute elevator speech, some may find that an easy ask where others struggle. Imagine what it is like to gain a collective five-minute elevator speech across your member base.

Our members recently embarked on this journey agreeing that we needed to have a collective value proposition that clearly articulated what it is we do and how we are unique. Our Unique Value Proposition (UVP) was born from this. Read More

value propisition.jpg



Aj impact.jpg











A Letter of Thanks to My Sponsor

17 October, 2016 Lindy Crowe – LBWR 2016

My name is Lindy Crowe, I currently co-manage Curtain Call Performing Arts Studios by night, teach VCE DANCE at Loreto College by day and in between raise three wonderful children.

After running my own business for 12 years, I decided I was looking for something to help me connect with the wider community and to get myself in front of new artists, business owners and community leaders. Having been heavily involved with local community groups prior to children, I was keen to ‘reconnect’ and make changes to my life. The Leadership program was suggested to me so I thought it was worth applying. Read more





LeadershipPanel Vic Parliament Nov.jpg   


Leadership Does Not Know Gender

11 November 2016 – Victorian Parliament

“Leadership does not know gender,” Rohini Kappadath, the 2015 Telstra Victorian Business Women’s Corporate and Private Award winner told a recent forum held at Parliament House in Melbourne.
An increasingly volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous world requires female and male leaders to work together and bring their different perspectives to solving problems, Ms Kappadath said.

The forum was held to celebrate the 125th anniversary of the Women’s Suffrage Petition and included a panel discussion with prominent Victorian women. Read More













The Results Are In….

11 November, 2016 Kat Baddeley – CEO VRCLP

Whilst we contemplate the impact of the US election I am buoyed by the words of wisdom of Richard Branson as posted on November 9th “It is not up to one man to shape the world we live in – it is up to all of us.” His blog talks about the division within America and the need to come together as one as a divided nation cannot lead and inspire.

And so we turn to our recent Victorian Local Council elections where our participants and graduates took their leadership journey to another level as sixty-six (66) of our wonderful regional leaders nominated for council elections. Read More

Vic Parl Dec news image.jpg

Landmark Parliamentary Reports Get Responses

9 December, 2016 – Victorian Parliament

The Victorian Government has accepted the majority of recommendations made in a parliamentary committee report on end of life choices.

Responding to a recommendation to introduce a legal framework for assisted dying, the government indicated that this remained under review and that “further significant and detailed work would need to be undertaken considering the implementation of this recommendation”.

The recommendation to increase access in rural and regional communities to community palliative care services has been supported. Read More

Congratulations! Class of 2016

9 December, 2016 Kat Baddeley CEO VRCLP

“Congratulations! Today is your day. You’re off to Great Places! You’re off and away!” Dr. Seuss

As we wind down, or is that wind up, in the lead up to the festive season, I would like to share with you the outcomes form this year’s graduating Community Leaders. I am always thrilled to be travelling this vast state of ours attending Regional Community Leadership Program graduations. During these events I am reminded of the great Dr. Seuss who had a wonderful way of words none more so than the quote above.

As community leaders you are off to great places and now that you have graduated you are off and away.  Read More

LMCLP grad 2016.jpg



VRCLP_Feb-2017_Newsletter (640x640).jpg





New Year – New Beginnings

3 February, 2017 – Kat Baddeley CEO VRCLP

As the Australian School year commences, I have this week reflected on the many social media posts mums and dads have posted showing photos of their children heading off to school. Just like these children our Emerging Leaders across rural and regional Victoria are also embarking on their own leadership journey.

Just like children heading off to school, they have many mixed emotions ranging from trepidation and fear, through to excitement and curiosity. What our leaders and school children have in common is a thirst for knowledge and learning and a sense of happiness at the thought of meeting new people. People who will no doubt become life-long friends. Read More

New Year NEw Beginnings.jpg

Community Input Sought on Key Issues

1 February, 2017 – Victorian Parliament
The new year brings with it some new opportunities for people in regional Victoria to contribute to the Victorian Parliament’s work.
A number of new parliamentary inquiries are currently seeking community input, and they focus on issues that affect people across Victoria.
Drug law reform is in the spotlight with the Law Reform, Road and Community Safety Committee looking at how effectively laws, procedures and regulations minimise drug-related harms.

“We welcome input from people and organisations with information and views to share on these important issues,” said Committee Chair Geoff Howard. Read More


Governance is Crucial to All Organisations

30 January, 2017 – AICD 
Whether they are large listed companies, community-based not-for-profits or government bodies.
Making sure that there are proper mechanisms in place to align strategy, to manage risk and to prepare for the future is vital for an organisation to thrive.  Effective governance is also the bedrock of strong Australian communities and a robust economy.
The Australian Institute of Company Directors is committed to excellence in governance.  Our aim is to make a positive impact on society and the economy through governance education, director development and advocacy. Read More


The Next Chapter at Victoria’s Parliament

6 March, 2017 – Victorian Parliament 
The future will be in full focus at the Victorian Parliament this month.
The doors of Parliament House will open on Sunday 19 March for a community day that will explore the next chapter in the story of our iconic Victorian landmark.
A special invitation is extended to people living in regional Victoria to take advantage of this rare weekend opening. Read more

Simon Sinek (2).jpg

Start With Why – Leadership Forum

6th March, 2017 – Kat Baddeley – CEO VRCLP

On Friday 3 March, 2017 I along with about 1,500 other people from around Australia had the pleasure of seeing and listening to the inspirational Simon Sinek at the Melbourne Convention Centre. As a bonus to hearing from Simon all morning we then had the pleasure of having Peter Docker conduct a Start With Why: Implementation Workshop for the afternoon – no mean feat with a crowd this large.

There were so many learning’s from this day and I spent a good deal of time over the weekend reflecting on my key takeaways. Starting with one of many quotes of the day “Leadership is accepting responsibility for the growth of another human being, it is like parenthood.” Simon Sinek Read more


Seeking Regional Input on New Public Inquiries

12 April, 2017 Victorian Parliament 
A number of new parliamentary inquiries have been announced and are seeking input from Victorian regional communities.
The Penalty Rates and Fair Pay Select Committee is investigating the economic and social impact and cost of the Fair Work Commission’s recent decision to cut penalty rates to categories of Victorian workers. The Committee is also examining possible safeguards and federal legislative changes to protect vulnerable Victorian workers.
The Committee is seeking community input and invites written submissions by Friday, 19 May 2017. Read more

VRCLP Foster Connections.jpg
VRCLP Grow Capability.jpg

Leaders Forum 2017 – March reflections

6 April, 2017 Kat Baddeley – CEO VRCLP

During March the Leadership Ballarat and Western Region Leaders forum (LBWR) attended two programs days.
March 8th participants were provided an opportunity to deeply understand the region the live and work in.  Whilst on the 22nd March the participants were provided a valuable insight into the role of local Government. 
Throughout the course of the year participants are asked to contemplate their learning’s their reflections are captured here. Read more

Networking: Why it Helps You Grow and Thrive

11 April, 2017 Kat Baddeley – CEO VRCLP

It’s fair to say that just the very word ‘networking’ strikes terror into the hearts of many.
Awkward? Uncomfortable? Authentic?
These reasons alone are enough to put professionals off….especially if you are happily employed and your career is great just the way it is right now. Networking is often only viewed as important when people feel they ‘need’ something – like new business or a new job! But getting to know people and build relationships and trust takes time. Read more

Janelle Ryan - LBWR.jpg

M Hudson - AVCLP.jpg

Peter Field - LBWR (2).jpg

Josh Koenig - LW (2).JPG

Anthony Griffiths - AVCLP (2).jpg

Rebecca Lorains - GMCL (2).jpg

Meet Arfa Khan #ProudAlumni #GCLP

19 December, 2017

My name is Arfa Sarfaraz Khan, I came from Pakistan eight years ago, I am one of 3,500 community leadership program graduates contributing to my community. I graduated from the Gippsland Community Leadership Program (GCLP) in 2017.

I live in Trafalgar and that’s my home as a local resident, I am contributing in my community in different leadership roles in a volunteer space. Read more


Meet Amy Rhodes #ProudAlumni #LW

14 December, 2017

Hi I’m Amy Rhodes and I am one of 3,500 community leadership program graduates contributing to my community.


I undertook the Leadership Skills Initiative in 2009, having just started my first job as Communications Coordinator at Northern Grampians Shire Council at 22 years old. I was finishing the last six months of my Bachelor of Arts on top of trying to find my way in the new world of full-time work.  Read more 

Meet Josh Koenig #ProudAlumni #LW

14 December, 2017

Hi I’m Josh Koenig and I am one of 3,500 community leadership program graduates contributing to my community.

Pre Leadership Wimmera

Prior to completing the Leadership Wimmera journey I was second in charge of a team of about ten employees with the goal of becoming a manager in my chosen field of work, but having missed out on a couple of opportunities prior I was low on confidence. Read more


Arfa Khan - GCLP (2).jpg

Meet Cr Min Poole  #ProudAlumni #NML

6 January, 2018

Hi I’m Min I completed the Northern Mallee Leaders Program in 2016. I am one of 3,500 graduates across the State of Victoria. I applied for the program to increase my regional and political knowledge and to be a positive role model for my daughters. Listen to the rest of my inspirational story here

Meet Janelle Ryan #ProudAlumni #LBWR

14 December, 2017 

Hi, I’m Janelle Ryan and I live in Ballarat. I’m one of 3500 community leadership program graduates contributing to my community through my roles as Regional Partner on the Central Highlands Regional Partnership, my Board Director position with Visit Ballarat, my trustee position with the Art Gallery of Ballarat Foundation and my role as learning partner for Leadership Ballarat & Western Region. My decision to be a part of these things was largely influenced by my learnings from the LBWR program. #LBWR #LeadersInLeadership #RegionalVic

Meet Bianca Spooner #ProudAlumni #NML

10 January, 2018 

Hi, my name is Bianca Spooner and I am one of 3,500 community leadership program graduates contributing to the community across the State of Victoria. I completed the Northern Mallee Leaders program in 2017. Watch my leadership journey reflections here



Meet Martha O’Sullivan #ProudAlumni #LfG

25 January, 2018

Hi I am Martha O’Sullivan and I am one of 3,500 community leadership program graduates contributing to my community.
Originally from Ireland I arrived in Australia in 2003, the career and lifestyle opportunities in regional Victoria incentivised me to move to Geelong. I work in IT Program and Project delivery and I am one of the very fortunate individuals to have had the opportunity to participate in the Leaders for Geelong program 2014-2016. Read more


Meet Matt Spencer, Wayne Keyte and Min Poole #ProudAlumni #NML

11 January, 2018 

Matt (2017), Wayne (2017) and Min (2016) reflect on their year long Northern Mallee Leadership journey. Matt, Wayne and Min are all proud to say they are part of a growing regional leadership network that now spans 3,500 leaders who live, work, invest, create and collaborate in their communities across rural and regional Victoria. Watch their story here

Meet Tricia Quibell #ProudAlumni #FF

17 July, 2017 Interview with Michelle Luscombe (CEO – Goulburn Murray Community Leadership)

Tricia is 1 of 3,500 graduates across regional Victoria who is making a difference in her regional community. Tricia recently sat down with Michelle and reflected on her leadership journey and her time participating in the Fairley Leadership. Read more



Meet Philippa Bakes #ProudAlumni #LfG

12 January, 2018 

Hi, my name is Philippa Bakes and I am one of 3,500 community leadership program graduates contributing to the community across the State of Victoria. I completed the Leaders for Geelong (“LfG”) program in 2012.

I am a Chartered Accountant by background. I worked for the early part of my career in the UK, predominantly with PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC). I also worked with PwC in Hong Kong for two years before moving to PwC Melbourne in 2005. I helped to advise some of Australia’s largest public companies on major transactions including cross border deals.  

I now live in Ocean Grove and in recent years have used my experience as a consultant and mentor to advise SMEs, NFPs and private business owners in the Geelong region. Read more

Meet Rebecca Lorains #ProudAlumni #FF

12 July, 2017 Interview with Michelle Luscombe (CEO – Goulburn Murray Community Leadership)

Rebecca is 1 of 3,500 graduates across regional Victoria who is making a difference in her regional community. Rebecca sat down with Michelle and reflected on her leadership journey and her time participating in the Fairley Leadership. Read more



Meet Anthony Griffiths #ProudAlumni #AVCLP 

14 December, 2017
My name is Anthony Griffiths I am one of 3,500 community leadership program graduates contributing to my community. I completed the Alpine Valleys Community Leadership Program over 2005-2006.  My family and I have always been very community minded, and personally I have a passion for Environmental Sustainability, my local community and Local Government.  Read more


Philippa Bakes - LfG (2).jpg

Meet Peter Field #ProudAlumni #LBWR

14 December, 2017
Hi I’m Peter Field, I live in Ballarat and I am one of 3,500 community leadership program graduates contributing to my community. My participation has grown following my Leadership Ballarat & Western Region (LBWR) graduation in 2015. #RegionalVic #Leadership. Read more




Meet Lisa Kennedy #ProudAlumni #RRCLP

24 January, 2018

Hi I am Linda Kennedy.  I am one of 3,500 community leadership graduates contributing to my community. I am currently organising our Australia Day Celebrations, a member of our tourism committee and have founded a committee for the purposes of bringing renewable energy to our town.  I could not have done this without having completed the Rivers and Ranges Community Leadership Program.



Meet Michelle Hudson #ProudAlumni #AVCLP 

12 December, 2017

Hi, my name is Michelle Hudson I am one of 3,500 community leadership program graduates contributing to my community. I graduated from the Alpine Valleys Community Leadership Program in 2014. 

I started AVCLP with the vision of developing a community fun run that would unite the cities of Albury and Wodonga to raise funds for our unique cross-Border local health service, Albury Wodonga Health. Read more


Meet Nishtha Goel #ProudAlumni #RRCLP

31 January 2018
I am Nishtha Goel  I am one of 3,500 community leadership graduates contributing to my community.    I am passionate about promoting cultural diversity and inviting multicultural communities to come together to celebrate through various community events and engagement opportunities. I volunteer for Kool Moon Events INC and organise their annual Whittlesea Colour Carnival that is attended by thousands of people each year. I am a member of Whittlesea Multicultural Communities Council and Multicultural External Reference Group at the City of Whittlesea.
I also started my own business in events management called  Seashell Events  in 2016 to work in this space. Through Seashell events, I help the not for profit sector to run community events and -Inspire businesses to give back to the community by way of events as well as work with the councils for any community engagement opportunities. Seashell Events was recently chosen as a finalist in the Northern Multicultural Small Business Awards 2017]  I could not have done this without having completed the Rivers and Ranges community Leadership Program


Matt Spencer - NML.jpg

Linda photo.jpg

Tricia Quibell - GMCL (2).JPG


Amy Rhodes - LW (2).JPG

Meet Juanita Dickinson #ProudAlumni #LGSC

19 February, 2018

Hi, my name is Juanita Dickinson and I am one of 3,500 community leadership program graduates contributing to my community.
I graduated from the LGSC in 2017 and can honestly say that it has changed my life. Having spent the best part of 12 years working as a Social Worker I felt like I was at a career crossroads.
I’d always had an interest in Emergency Management but didn’t believe it would ever become much more than that, an interest. That was until I commenced my LGSC journey. Read more

Juanita Dickinson - LGSC.jpg


Carly Jordan - LGSC (2).jpg
Bianca Spooner - NML.jpg

Martha OSullivan LfG (2).jpg


Min Poole.jpg


Future in focus

3rd April 2018, Victorian Parliament
Victoria is now the second place in the world where MPs have established a focal point to consider the opportunities and challenges presented by Artificial Intelligence (AI).
Jointly led by Innovation Minister Philip Dalidakis and Shadow Minister David Southwick, the Victorian All-Party Parliamentary Group on AI has a focus on the future, examining how Victoria can benefit from and address concerns about new technologies.
The group’s launch included a seminar presented in the Parliamentary Library by Professor Genevieve Bell, one of the world’s leading technologists. Read more

AI_VRCLP-1- blog.jpg


Nistha photo (2).jpg


Meet Carly Jordan – #ProudAlumni #LGSC

31, January 2018

Carly graduated from Leadership Great South Coast in 2016. Carly is 1 of 3,500 graduates across rural and regional Victoria. Listen to her inspiring leadership story and her passion for resettling African migrants from metropolitan areas to South West Victoria. Listen here


2018 VRCLP Leadership Summit

9th April, 2018 Kat Baddeley – CEO VRCLP 

It is our pleasure to once again invite you to the VRCLP Leadership Summit.
With the summit in it’s third year, we look forward to welcoming all delegates to Sovereign Hill, Ballarat for our 2018 program.
As in previous years, the 2018 summit program is design to question traditional systems, challenge the status quo and smash open the ‘thinking’ box.
It includes a fantastic line up of successful and inspiring business, social justice and community leaders – as well as giving participants the opportunity to play, learn, share and grow their networks. Read more
Ticket sales close 20th April, 2018

SHP_7190c copy.jpg

Examining your Pebble Before Throwing it in the Pond

5 June 2018 – Kat Baddeley, CEO VRCLP

Maree McPherson charged us with these thoughts as we kicked off our annual regional leadership summit in May this year. With a theme of “thriving leadership for thriving communities” held at Sovereign Hill, Ballarat and under the expert facilitation of Jason Clarke, minds at work we explored leadership of oneself, teams, workplaces and communities.

Maree McPherson  asked us to take the time to understand our in inner self, therefore examining our own pebble then take time to understand our outer self, what do others see as your pebble. Taking the time to understand these will make you a more resilient leader.  Read more

Extraordinary Ordinary Women

2 June, 2018 – Victorian Parliament

Strong, tenacious and persistent. These characteristics define women in representative roles, according to a new book launched at Parliament House in Melbourne.

Extraordinary Ordinary Women documents and celebrates the pioneering women of the Victorian Parliament.

In presenting the stories of women who led the way in Victoria, the book captures some of the defining traits that brought them into public life, and why those were needed to overcome the resistance they faced. Read more


VRCLP Grow Capability.jpg




Insurance and risk specialist Gallagher partners with VRCLP

6 June 2018 – Media Release

Australian insurance broker Gallagher has partnered with the Victorian Regional Community Leadership Program (VRCLP) to offer risk management advice and insurance solutions to its members and alumni.

As well as a broad range of business and personal insurance solutions, Gallagher is also offering all VRCLP members and alumni a free no-obligation insurance review to ensure they have adequate protection for their key assets.

Chief Executive Officer of VRCLP, Katrina Baddeley, said that the partnership with Gallagher provides a valuable opportunity for members and alumni to gain relevant and timely access to insurance advice that is specifically tailored to the challenges they face in their local areas. Read more


VRCLP Insurance.jpg
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