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How is LEADERSHIP like a tree?

LEADERSHIP, just like a tree has many facets to it. What starts out as a seed, which may have been...

The Quiet Strength of an Introverted Leader

My mum told me that as a child I usually ran ‘behind her skirts’ when I wasn’t comfortable with a...

The ‘JOY’ of membership

Why is is important to create an incredible member experience? This question was posed to us at a recent workshop...
Euston Murray River Salami Festival 2019 1

Salami and Leadership – What’s the connection?

What's the connection between salami and leadership? This month I asked our guest blogger Guy Fielding, NML17 graduate to reflect...

2019 NML Graduation

Join the Northern Mallee Leaders 2019 Participants celebrate their successes and achievements as they become graduates of the Northern Mallee...

Congratulations! Class of 2016

“Congratulations! Today is your day. You’re off to Great Places! You’re off and away!” Dr. Seuss As we wind down, or...
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