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What is a Community Leadership Program?

Community Leadership Programs are place-based. They develop leadership skills of new and emerging local leaders. This is achieved through an...

Leadership Humility

As a leader we are often critical of our own ability to lead and support others to be the best...

The ‘JOY’ of membership

Why is is important to create an incredible member experience? This question was posed to us at a recent workshop...
rita and her work

Travel, Values and Good Leadership

Rita Holt - Regional Leadership, 3 September 2019 Do you ever dream of working in another country?  If you had...

Thriving Leadership for Thriving Communities

Examine Your Pebble Before Throwing it into the Pond..  Kat Baddeley - CEO, VRCLP  6 June 2018 Maree McPherson charged us...

Leadership Summit

Thriving Leadership for Thriving Communities The Leadership Summit will allow participants to: Grow capability through the exploration of different tools...
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