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What is a Community Leadership Program?

Community Leadership Programs are place-based. They develop leadership skills of new and emerging local leaders. This is achieved through an...

How is LEADERSHIP like a tree?

LEADERSHIP, just like a tree has many facets to it. What starts out as a seed, which may have been...

The ‘JOY’ of membership

Why is is important to create an incredible member experience? This question was posed to us at a recent workshop...
VRCLP 2018 MCG-013

Regional Leadership – Combined Program Day Melbourne

We are looking forward to hosting more than 80 Regional Community Leadership Program participants in Melbourne on Monday 9th September....
rita and her work

Travel, Values and Good Leadership

Rita Holt - Regional Leadership, 3 September 2019 Do you ever dream of working in another country?  If you had...

Networking – Why it helps you thrive and grow

Networking: Why it helps you grow and thrive It’s fair to say that just the very word ‘networking’ strikes terror...
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