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an interview with Nigel Collin, author “Game of Inches” keynote speaker Regional Leadership Summit

I recently had the pleasure of interviewing our keynote speaker Nigel Collin for our upcoming Regional Leadership Summit, see an excerpt from the interview below.

(Kat Baddeley) Hi Nigel, first of all thanks for taking the time to meet with me.

(Nigel Collin) Thanks for having me, I’m really looking forward to meeting your delegates at the Regional Leadership Summit on the 16 and 17 August in Bendigo.

(Kat Baddeley) You’ve interviewed many successful businesses and their leaders throughout regional Australia. What are some of the challenges you see in regional areas in terms of growth?

(Nigel Collin). There are a couple that spring to mind.

First is the challenge of innovation. Most people don’t think they are very innovative or that their ideas are any good.

However, from my experience that simply isn’t true. Innovation thrives in regional areas because when there is distance involved, or resources are limited, or communication is difficult, you have to get clever and innovative in how you do things. Unfortunately, most people see innovation the wrong way because they see it as big, complex and as a single explosive moment. Which simply isn’t true because innovation is a consistent step by step process of small changes leading to big outcomes. It leads to business growth.

The other challenge I believe is the tyranny of distance. Regional people often feel they are on the sidelines of the economy or of business community. Also not true. One of the advantages regional Victoria has is the fact that there are many communities in relatively close proximity and so networking and collaborating with each other isn’t difficult and can pay enormous benefits.

(KB) How can community leaders network and collaborate more effectively?

(NC) One of the ways is through formal channels such as the upcoming VRCLP Regional Summit. Let’s face it, we are all so busy driving our businesses that often we forget, or neglect, to take the time to get together with like-minded people.  So formal summits such as this are a great way to force you into a networking environment. It’s a great opportunity to hang out with and learn from people who have different experiences, different ideas, and unique points of view. It’s allows you to throw around ideas, build relationships and share experiences that lead to collaboration, because it can create working relationships or future partnerships. For me it’s a no brainer.

(KB) You mentioned business growth earlier. What other areas should regional leader focus on to achieve growth?

(NC) One of the things I’ve noticed with everyone I’ve interviewed is they have a hankering for learning new things and becoming better at what they do. Leaders who have succeeded in anything of value consistently focus on improving their abilities and skills. Events like the upcoming Summit are designed to help people learn new skills that they can then take and use in their own organisations and communities.

(KB) For leaders attending the VRCLP Summit what’s your advice in order to get the most from it?

Go in with an open mind to learn, to network, to meet new people and be open to different points of view and ideas.

The other key is in taking action on the ideas and information you’ve got from the day. Decide on one key thing you are going to do from what you’ve learned or heard from the day and then do it. Then, once you’ve done that, move onto another key thing. Keep repeating.

Thanks again Nigel for taking the time to meet with me. If you would like to hear more from Nigel and our other presenters this is your last week to register for the summit details here


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