Leadership Humility

As a leader we are often critical of our own ability to lead and support others to be the best they can and I am certainly no exception. It was somewhat surprising and humbling that on Monday 9th December 2019 my fellow Commissioners at AFL Goldfields appointed me to be their Chairperson for 2020 and beyond. As I reflect on the role ahead, I’m grateful for the support of our outgoing Chair – Paul Armstrong and for the ongoing support our our Deputy Chair – Greg Duver and the Commissioners and I look forward to working with and congratulate the following on their appointments:

Ballarat Football Netball League – Chair, Adrian Bettio
Riddell District Football Netball League – President, Brenton Knott
Maryborough Castlemaine District Football Netball League – President, Stephen Broad
Central Highlands Football League – President, Doug Hobson

Paul  Keijzer in March 2018 wrote an article on why humility is an essential leadership quality, he says that when we think about leadership traits typically we think about qualities such as strength, vision, enthusiasm, charisma and courage but an essential trait often missed is humility. I pledge to practice humility in this role as I believe it will be critical to the success of AFL Goldfields into the future. We will not be able to achieve our strategic plan without the support of our staff, the insights and wisdom of the leagues and their members.

An optimist by nature I truly believe this goes a long way towards humility, I accept that I am not the best at everything, that’s why our role as a leader is to support others to be the best they can and provide them with the guidance and confidence to succeed.

I’m looking forward to practicing humility and continuing my own leadership journey into 2020 and encourage you all to consider what you can do to be a more humble leader.

Kat Baddeley

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