How to Be an Influential Leader

How to Be an Influential Leader

When you run or manage a business, it’s important you know how to inspire your team properly so that you can achieve greater success and profitability. Inability to effectively influence others will make it difficult to maintain the productivity of your business. As time goes on, this problem will intensify and become increasingly difficult to solve. Luckily, you can optimise the success of your business and inspire the cooperation of your team by learning to become an influential leader.

Earning the trust and respect of your staff is a great first step when you want your business to be successful, and some people believe inspiring respect and trust is a difficult task, but it’s not. Always honest and transparent about your mistakes…it’s important. Although this seems simple and straightforward, all leaders are tempted to lie on occasion. It’s also important you lead by example, so you must always give your best effort to succeed and maintain a positive attitude; this encourages your team to respect you and inspires them to reach their potential.

Being a great leader requires you to cultivate and maintain effective communication skills, which can be more complicated than you think! The key to powerful communication is understanding that each person has their own perception of the world, so you must choose your words carefully so that you can communicate your message properly. You must also understand that each situation has both positive and negative attributes, and your communication is most effective when you focus on the positive. For example, rather than asking your employees to work on the weekend, offer them the opportunity to receive overtime pay. Slightly modifying your choice of words can increase your odds of achieving your desired outcome. 

Success as a leader requires you to care about the needs and desires of your employees, and if your team is only productive because they dread reprimand, then you will always be fighting an uphill battle. On the other hand, if your team cares about you, they will be apt to be productive own their own. However, your team will only care about your needs when they know you care about them. No matter how challenging or difficult, you must always balance the needs of your employees with the needs of your business. 

Leadership skills are essential to any business owner or manager. If you can effectively inspire and motivate your team to reach a higher level of success, then your business will flourish. Therefore, communicating effectively, leading by example, and caring for your team is an excellent way to become an influential leader.

Kat Baddeley

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