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Whilst we contemplate the impact of the US election I am buoyed by the words of wisdom of Richard Branson as posted on November 9th “It is not up to one man to shape the world we live in – it is up to all of us.” His blog talks about the division within America and the need to come together as one as a divided nation cannot lead and inspire.
And so we turn to our recent Victorian Local Council elections where our participants and graduates took their leadership journey to another level as sixty-six (66) of our wonderful regional leaders nominated for council elections.
I, like many of you, love a good infographic so it was with a wonderful sense of fulfilment and pride that I developed our latest impact statement. Never have we seen our Unique Value Proposition so clearly demonstrated than during the Victorian Council Elections. Knowing that sixty-six of our graduates through their involvement with our programs have grown their capability, expanded their knowledge and experiences of regional themes, and had the confidence to put their hands up to make a positive difference in their communities was inspiring to say the least.
Other stunning stats from the council elections:
  • 53% graduates who nominated were successfully elected
  • 66% of those elected are Female
  • 34 Regional LGA’s had at least 1 graduate nominate
  • 29 (85%) Regional LGA’s have a VRCLPs graduate elected 
Your leadership journey continues as you embark on a four-year term as a local councillor and I am looking forward to hearing how that progresses. Perhaps, we in regional Victoria can show the rest of the world what true leadership is about.
Let’s lead from the front to shape a better future and continue to connect people through our extensive leadership networks; networks that enable strong empowered communities that embrace our diversity and our can-do attitude and to realise our vision: “Leaders in Leadership.”
If you are ready to take the next step in your own leadership journey click here
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