Looking after oneself – Time for reflection

Kat Baddeley – CEO VRCLP, Ballarat Victoria Australia

Having recently returned from a relaxing holiday in Vietnam, I suddenly find myself this week wondering where the year has gone. It has been go, go, go and I have barely had time to stop and reflect on our achievements so far in 2016. So this blog is dedicated to reflection and re-energising myself for the remainder of the year.



VRCLP has embarked on a more methodical way of data collection and understanding our collective impact across rural and regional Victoria. We are piloting with Goulburn Murray Community Leadership Program Customer Relationship Management System as well as a Social Measurement application which will enable us to provide valuable data to our many stakeholders both current and future partners.

Corporate Partners – GROW

We have developed a comprehensive corporate partnership proposal titled “GROW” which will enable us to forge stronger relationships with organisations of all sizes. If you are interested in hearing more about this, please do not hesitate to contact me. M: 0418294694 E: ceo@vrclp.com.au

Marketing & Communications

In consultation with Splice Communications we have developed our comprehensive Marketing & Communications Plan, a really exciting time for us all as we increase our presence across multiple platforms. We are always looking for interesting stories and would love you to be involved! So if you would like to be a guest blogger please let me know.



I love reading but have struggled to find the time lately, so I’ve made a commitment to myself to read and reflect on what I am learning or even just enjoying a good old fictional story-line.

I’m currently reading “The Game of Inches” by Nigel Collin. Nigel has over 30 years of experience in business and as Siimon Reynolds states is in foreword “do what he says and your business will improve”. Who doesn’t want this, right? Nigel’s philosophy quite simply is to help us understand “Why small change wins big results.”  I’m reading and reflecting on his examples of people finding a gap, which is the first of four actions Nigel takes us through but it doesn’t stop there as he also takes us through a three-part behavioural change. Order a copy today.


I’m taking the time to practice the many mindful tips I read, which you may have noticed we share with you all. Whilst I wouldn’t say I have mastered them as I still find my mind works overtime I really believe I am getting better. Practice makes perfect as they say.

Celebrating successes

Yes, we all know we should be doing this but we don’t take the time to actually put them in place, my commitment is to thank people in the moment for the work they do to help make VRCLP a success. So to all our members, stakeholders, participants and alumni THANK You for everything you do in your communities. You Rock!

And finally, remember Leadership is Action, not Position

Kat Baddeley

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