Give a DOLLAR help a SCHOLAR

Give a DOLLAR help a SCHOLARship holder reach their Leadership Potential

Do you want to assist young and emerging leaders who care for their community and want to make a difference to do so?
Would you like to assist emerging leaders to be connected to the people that lead our communities across rural and regional Victoria?
How about giving those potential leaders that opportunity to meet like-minded people and make rewarding new friendships?
Would you like to assist those potential community leaders to look for a new learning opportunity that will help with career progression?
Being one of the lucky recipients of the Denis Tricks Young Regional Community Leader Scholarships through the Victorian Regional Community Leadership Programs has allowed me to achieve all of the above because of the generous donations by readers like you!
The benefits that such a donation can have on another young person’s life is endless, here are a few that I have experienced thus far through my leadership journey:
Р Growth from both a personal and professional level
Р New and extended skills/knowledge drawn from the broader issues experienced by the Greater Shepparton area
Р Benefits from collaborating and learning from like-minded individuals
Р Appointed recently as a permanent Grade 2 Speech Pathology clinician and am currently acting Speech Pathology Manager within my organization
Р Empowerment in terms of maintaining a lifelong commitment to community leadership and has provided me with an array of networks and contacts of which do so. 
If you want to develop more passionate leaders in our community, please donate online or complete the tax deductible donation form, and ‚Äėgive a DOLLAR to help a SCHOLARship‚Äô holder like me reach their leadership potential. Please note that this fund has been established in order to provide scholarships to approved applicants ensuring programs remain accessible to everyone.
** The Foundation for Rural & Regional Renewal is a charitable foundation based on a partnership between philanthropy, community, government and business. **
Amanda-Jean White (The Fairley Leadership Program, 2016)
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