How a Scholarship Changed my Life

Being awarded the Denis Tricks Young Regional Leader Scholarship has changed my life.  Without it taking part in a fantastic program such as the Leadership Great South Program was something I never saw myself being a part of at just 24.  I am the youngest participant and I enjoy reminding the group of this.  As a group of 16 people across varying ages, cultural backgrounds and social beliefs its uncanny how emotionally close the group has become to one another.  The Cultural Diversity day where we learnt about the ongoing crisis in Syria and refugee crisis worldwide is something I will never forget especially after hearing stories from a fellow program member. 

As a part of the Leadership Program participants team up to deliver a project that benefits the community in some way. My team project is partnering up with Basalt to Bay Landcare network to assist in the construction of two large shelter belts on crown land in Woolsthorpe, Victoria.  Federal funding has been received and we are currently in the project planning process now.  http://www.basalttobay.org.au/ (The Green Line Project) – see photos below

I have always wanted to be somebody who makes a difference in their community, through undertaking the Leadership Great South Coast Program I have taken another step towards achieving that goal.  This has all been made possible thanks to the Williamson Foundation.

Andrew Cameron (Leadership Great South Coast Program)


Kat Baddeley

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